Advantages and Disadvantages of RTI Act

Right to Information Act, (RTI Act) is a blessings in disguise for the affected parties.

All these years, we do not know what happened to our application submitted to a government agency or do not know on whose fault are we suffering?

RTI act helps us redress lot of problems faced by the general public.
If our application is sleeping somewhere in the government office, It starts moving the moment we ask for the details of status of our application (as the clerk is being screwed by the his boss because the the boss is not only answerable but also penalised for the default.)

But a new bunch of unscrupulous people start misusing the RTI act. Some even threaten the government employee and now in extreme cases the bribe is going on the other side (from government employee to the so-called RTI activist.)

Also, in few departments, the officer in charge of information, is overloaded with these indiscriminate and impractical demands which actually not allowing the officer to perform his duty properly.

Our learned Judges of Supreme Court realised these issues and given a judgement. A glimpse of the judgement is given here which is very valuable for the person who use this RTI act for a genuine cause and a lesson for those who mis-use this RTI Act.

The bench comprising Justices RV Raveendran and AK Patnaik said ” The RTI act should not be allowed to be misused or abused to become a tool to obstruct national development and integration or to destroy peace, tranquility and harmony among its citizens. Nor should it be converted into a tool of oppression or intimidation of honest officials striving to do their duty. The nations does not want a scenario where 75 percent of the staff of public authorities spends 75 per cent of its time in collecting and furnishing information to applicants instead of discharging regular duties.

This again shows Learned and eminent people are always first to know the problems and also knows how to remove the same.

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More Skillfull planning in rti act is required to prohibit its avoidance and misuse…..

Its very helpful……..

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