Why marriages and functions not performed in Ashada or Aadi masam

Why marriages and other family functions are not being performed in Aashada or Aadi masam?

Is Aashada or aadi not good to start any projects?

Answer: Aashada or aadi is the most auspicious month in the hindu calender. Whole month of aashada or aadi is dedicated to Goddess. Aashada or aadi is the month where hindu festivals starts and go till Thai masam.

Hence, to concentrate on goddess and godly activites, forefathers were not interested to conduct any family functions like marriages, which needs lots of effort. Since we need to give 100% of our life on prayers and poojas in Aadi/ashada, we cannot afford to spend our time for personal function. That is the reason, no family functions like marriages are not being performed on this Aashada – Aadi month.

Aadi or Aashada is also the month when farmers prepare for the next crop cycle. Famous saying in Tamil “Aadi pattam thedi vidai” .

Also, prayers performed in the Aashada or aadi and margazhi will have huge effect.

It is also in practise that few sects start doing marriages after Aadi amavasya. For them, the aashada restrictions ends on Amavasya.

Some major festivals of Ashada-Aadi are:

1. Dakshinaya punyakala
2. Aadi puram
3. Naga Chaturthi
4. Garuda Panchami
5.  Aadi Amavasya
6. Varalakshmi Vrata or Varamahalaxmi vrata

Understanding the real reason of every rituals may help us following it blindly.

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