Mesha Rasi-Aries: prediction, Character, Life, Wealth, Job, Education, success, problem

Astrology Prediction and Horoscope Prediction for Aries
Astrology prediction and Horoscope Prediction for Mesha Rasi

Those who born in Aswini Nakshatra, Bharani Nakshatra and Karthika 1st Pada (also called Krithikai 1st Pada) are belongs to Mesha Rasi

How to identify your Rasi:If the Moon (Chandra) is placed in 1st House, which is called Mesha, then you are belong to Mesha Rasi as per indian vedic Astrology (Mesha is Aries in western astrology).

Characteristics, personality traits and Attribute of Mesha Rasi – Aries.
1. Aries and Mesha are known to be highly Independent in character.
2. Physique will be lean with long legs and hands.
3. The people who born in Mesha generally have a longer life period with sound health.
4. People of Mesha rasi are authoritative. You will behave like a leader.
5. Firmness in decision and refuse to change the decision will be your advantage and disadvantage as well.
6. Your overconfidence and stubborn attitude will give problems many a time.
7. Wealth for Mesha-Aries: If you have born in Mesha rasi, then you may have ancestral immovable property.
8. You are born to live life in comfort with servants at your disposal.
People who born in Aries generally short tempered and have occasional arrogance.
9. Aries are destined to get quality clothes and jewels.
10. Aries-Mesha Rasi Education: People who born in Mesha – Aries, will fare better in Education. Few, because of the superiority comples, may drop even before they finish their graduation.
11. Reward for Aries-Mesha: Chances of being honoured by reputed institutions are very high.
12. Family life of Aries-Mesha Rasi: A woman (or man) must be unfortunate to marry an Aries-Mesha as they have to obey them for a whole life. Most of the time, the relationship is grossly seen as master (aries) and servant (life partner).
Mesha-Aries : How to plan your future.
Marry woman (or man) who born in Simah (Leo) and Vrichika (Scorpio) which brings harmony in life.
First Sani peyarchi (Transition of Saturn) will bring all good fortunes where as Second time sani Peyarchi for Mesha – Aries will bring health problem and health related expenses.

Aries Compatibility, Love, Family and Relationship – Mesha Rasi Compatibility, Love, Family and Relationship.

Compatibility of Zodiac Sign Aries (Mesha)
Compatibility of Aries and Aries : Okay
Compatibility of Aries and Taurus: Not so good
Compatibility of Aries and Gemini: Not so Good
Compatibility of Aries and Cancer : Very bad
Compatibility of Aries and Leo : Excellant
Compatibility of Aries and Virgo : Sacred without lust
Compatibility of Aries and Libra : Interesting relationship
Compatibility of Aries and Scorpio: Love life
Compatibility of Aries and Saggittarius : Compatible
Compatibility of Aries and Capricorn: Ego
Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius : Childish but enjoyable.
Compatibility of Aries and Pisces : Slightly faulty

Mesha-Aries : What are Grahas (planets) are meant to you?
Suriya-Sun become powerful when he comes to your rasi. This gives the character of Mesha as authoritative and power.

Cheevai – Mars-Angaraka is the ruling planet of Mesha. Hence, eventhough you may have wealth and power, life is not so smooth. May take decision in haste and feel for that later.

Shani (Saturn) loose his power (shani neesam) at Mesha-Aries, you will not have a balanced life. When good things happens in happen so fast and frequent that you think you are in cloud nine whereas when things go wrong, it ruin the entire life. So either life is very very good in periods or very very bad in other.

Luck and fortune for Aries or Mesha Rasi:

Lucky Gem stone for Mesha-Aries : Ruby in Silver (not in gold)
Lucky Metal for Aries-Mesha : Iron and (silver to some extent)
Lucky Colour : Red
Lucky days : 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28
Lucky Day : Sunday
Lucky Time: Between 6.15 – 7.30 in the morning. (Any new work, start on this day.)
Worst time for Mesha-Aries : 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm on Sunday.
Worst Day for Aries-Mesha : Saturday.
Worst Colour for Aries-Mesha : Black
Worst number for Aries-Mesha : 8, 17, 26
Worst Thing for Mesha-Aries : Water and liquids (Careful while taking bath in river and ocean)
Baby Names for Aries (Baby name for mesha rasi)

Your name can start with the following letters :Chu-Che-cho-la (baby names of Aswini nakshatra which is part of Mesha-Aries)
Lee-Li-Lu-Le-Lo (baby names of Bharani Nakshatra which is also part of Mesha Rasi – Aries)
A,E, Ee, U, Ea (baby names of Krithika which is again part of Aries – Mesha Rasi)

Ruling Planet of Aries-Mesha : Chevvai – Angaraka – Mars.

Mantras and Slokas for Mesha Rasi or Aries

Bija Mantra for Mesha Rasi-Aries : Om Hreem Sreem Lakshminarayana Namaha and Bija mantra of Kuja-Mangala-Chevvai-Mars: Om Kram Krim Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah

Gayatri for Mesha Rasi – Aries: Kuja Gayatri (Chevvai Gayatri)
Seera Dwajaya Vidmahe vittahastaya deemahi
Tanmo Bhowma prachodayat

Parihara Sthala for Mesha Rasi (Aries) : Thiruvannamalai and Palani Andavar Koil in Tamilnadu.

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Want to know about my time after this 15th Nov 2011, sani peyarchi and the about my married life

my dob 28/01/1977, an bharani nachitiram, Want to know about my time after this 15th nov2011 sani peyarchi and about my married life.

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wants to know how is my life will be for year 2012 in terms
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when will i get job?i completed my BE E&C..

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rasi: mesha

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Date of birth : 30th December 1976, rasi: mesha, natchatra: aswini, my carrier growth is goes smoothly. Now I have searched life partner for married. But it’s kind more difficult

i want to when i get marry ……………and we are having one match in our hands but when we are planning to do engagement some abstracles comming and its not going forward at all …so i am feeling very bad pls give me a solution and say me a job in my life …………………

i want to when i get marry ……………and we are having one match in our hands but when we are planning to do engagement some abstracles comming and its not going forward at all …so i am feeling very bad pls give me a solution and say me a job in my life …………………

Hi Guruji,

i am asking about my sister’s horoscope as we are facing lot of troubles with her marriage alliance. her date of birth is 5-12-1984, 5:30pm. hyderabad.

please provide good solutions for us so that my parents can come out of that problem.

Thank you.

Many things above are wrong as well…

Worst Day for Aries-Mesha : Saturday ???

Saturday has proved luckiest day for me whereas it is mentioned here to be worst day for Aries.

Worst Colour for Aries-Mesha : Black ???

Black has again proved me lucky whereas it is mentioned to be worst for Aries.

Also I would like to inform that Lord Shani has balanced my life very well…

I am happy to be Aries and also happy that Lord Shani has helped me everytime.

i want to study well and i want to support to my life patner but i dint get marry still nw.

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i have 2 sisters younger to me. 3 of us have aries rashi with bharani nakshatra.Is this ok or not good for us

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Nakshathiram :Barani

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