Mithuna Rasi- Gemini prediction, Character, Life, Wealth, Job, Education, success, problem

Astrology Prediction and Horoscope Prediction for Gemini
Astrology prediction and Horoscope Prediction for Mithuna Rasi

Those who born in Mrigashira 3rd and 4th Pada (Mirugasirsha Padham 3 and Padham 4), Arudra or Thiruvathirai Nakshatra and Punarvasu or Punarpusam Nakshatra are belongs to Mithuna Rasi – Zodiac Gemini

How to Know your Zodiac Sign

"Gemini-Mithuna Horoscope"

Gemini-Mithuna Horoscope

How to identify your Rasi:

If the Moon (Chandra) is placed in 3rd House, which is the house of Mithuna or Gemini, then you are belong to Mithuna Rasi as per indian vedic Astrology (Mithuna is Gemini in western astrology).

Gemini Characteristics, Gemini personality traits and Attribute of Mithuna Rasi – Gemini Taurus

1. People who born in Gemini or Mithuna Rasi are known to be highly Couragious
2. Physique will be lean, brown or black.
3. The people who born in Gemini- Rishabha generally has a life span of 70 years.
4. Gemini (Mithunam) are very talkative. Speak more.
5. People of Gemini are good in love making.
6. People born in Gemini – Mithuna are good in education especially in Mathematics and calculations.
7. Gemini born businessman are not very adoptive in business. They take a rigid and strict measures in Business.
8. Gemini people Grow in life with their talents and accumulate wealth.
9. Mithuna people are religious and perform prayers.
10. Gemini are very selfish and speak in different tone to get benefitted.
11. Gemini-Mithuna can shine in art related fields easily as they are have it in them.
12. Reward for Gemini – Mesha: Reward comes very easily provided they use their inteligence and skill perfectly.
13. Family life of Gemini-Mithuna Rasi: Good in love and loving making. They enjoy family life well. Gemini thinks more and waste their time in unnecessary thinking.
Mithuna-Gemini: How to plan your future.
Marry woman (or man) who born in Kanni (Virgo), you will enjoy the life and love till the last second.
First Sani peyarchi (Transition of Saturn) will give health problems where as Second time sani Peyarchi for Mithuna – Gemini pleasure and wealth.

Gemini Compatibility, Love, Family and Relationship – Mithuna Rasi Compatibility, Love, Family and Relationship.
Compatibility of Zodiac Sign Gemini (Mithuna)
Compatibility of Gemini and Aries : Not so good.
Compatibility of Gemini and Taurus: Taurus rules over Gemini
Compatibility of Gemini and Gemini: Good but love-hate-love-hate
Compatibility of Gemini and Cancer : Very bad
Compatibility of Gemini and Leo : Good and enjoyable.
Compatibility of Gemini and Virgo : Love and Lust
Compatibility of Gemini and Libra : Interesting relationship
Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio: Wavelength differs
Compatibility of Gemini and Saggittarius : Full of Arguments
Compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn: Fight, fight and fight till both loose
Compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius : Divine and good.
Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces : Vibration matches.

Mithuna-Gemini: What are Grahas (planets) are meant to you?
Budha (Mercury) become powerful when he comes to your rasi which gives you a good and quality education. Gemini are Very intelligent people

Luck and fortune for Gemini or Mithuna Rasi:

Lucky Gem stone for Gemini-Mithuna: Emerald
Lucky Metal for Rishabha-Taurus : Brass
Lucky Colour : Yellow and Purple
Lucky days : Odd numbers and dates
Lucky Day : Wednesday (and monday for love making and proposal)
Lucky Time: between 10-12 noon
Worst time for Mithuna-Gemini : 12.00 -1.30 pm
Worst Day for Mithuna-Gemini: Tuesday.
Worst Colour for Mithuna – Gemini: Green
Worst number for Gemini-Mithuna: Even numbers and dates
Worst Thing for Gemini-Mithuna-Taurus: Water
Baby Names for Gemini (Baby name for Mithuna rasi)

Your name can start with the following letters :Ka-Ki-Kee (baby names can be started with Ka-Ke-Ki-Kee for Mirugashisha or mrigashira nakshatra (Mithuna)- Baby names start with Ka-Ki-Ke-Kee for Gemini – Mithuna rasi)

Ko-Kho-Ga-Gha-Gya-Cha (baby names for Arudra -thiruvathirai nakshatra can start with Ko-Kho-Ga-Gha-Gya-Cha (for Gemini)
Ke-Kho-Ko-Ha-Hha (baby names for Punarvasu – Punarpoosam 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pada – Gemini)

Ruling Planet of Gemini - Mithuna : Mercury- Budh or Budha

Mantras and Slokas for Mithuna Rasi or Zodiac Gemini

Bija Mantra for Mithuna Rasi-Gemini : Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah and Bija mantra of Mercury-Budha: Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah

 Gayatri for Rishabha Rasi – Taurus:  Mercury Gayatri (Budha Gayatri)
Om gajadhwajaaya vidmahae
sukha hastaaya dheemahi
tanno budha: prachodayaat

Parihara Sthala for Mesha Rasi (Aries) : Lord Muruga worship on Tuesday help more.

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In this I belief 100 % the information which provided is match for our life who are the same mentind rasi

for my eldest son(European Scientist), your predictions are matching almost nearing to the actual, but when coming to marriage alliances, kanni rasi girls are very rare in our kulalar community, so can u suggest alternative rasi, we required 7 to 9 points out of ten.

with best regards

my date of birth 05/08/1975 noon 1.00pm, please let me know remedies for my health wealth, profession,

thanking you

My date of birth 08/06/1986. 7pm at eluru. Please tell me my future. Thanking you.

My DOB:07-04-1984,, Time of birth: 10:03AM

I want know what dasha is going now, what would be my feature

when shall i expect marriage. I am nt getting right job. i want know carrier how it will be

i want to know i will be sending to my boss about a job assign to me, can I sent it now is the time good. and also I m waiting for a good reply from boss regarding my contract extension for another year will i get it

what ever i do either am unsuccessful or get results very very late . i have read so much about mithuna rashi people that they are at spot light n famous in their group. but such thing never happened to me .most of the lifespan of my 28 yrs i have spent in loneliness. may be am cursed to be alone lol.

Thanks you i had a valuable information from above,
Please tell me my Career and i am trying in a software field, is this suitable for me?
DOB: 04/01/1988. Time: 11:44am. at warangal.

I am S.Sathya and born on 30th October 1990..time not known exactly..but its after 12 a.m on the specified date.I am working in an Private company-Back Office which is related to Insurance and completed BBM in regular (HR) and MBA in Distance(Finance).
1.I am looking for change in the suggest which field i can go with?
2. Please tell about the Marriage and compatible rashi?
3. Health?
4. Further Education which i can take up?

Please tell about my present and future..
Thank you,

Sir my birthday is on 16/7/1977
Please look at my marital life and
how it would be in future

my dob:23-12-1988 time 7.00am could u pls specify my jatakam thanku

Birthdate 20dec 1975 evening 6:25pm
want to know regarding husband and children(i have 2 boys)

I want to know wat dasha is now.for me how is my time and about wealth relation ship my date of birth is 5/4/1987 at 10.5pm I m married and have 2 kids.b
oy.nd girl

I want to know wat dasha is now.for me how is my time and about wealth relation ship my date of birth is 5/4/1987 at 10.5pm I m married and have 2 kids.b
oy.nd girl my husband is virgo

my date of birth 13.08.1985 tuesday morning 6.20am i want to about my future

im midhunam,tiruvathirai 3rd padam..time always gettind bad name for problems i dint commit,i dint get a good friendship circle anywhere.i feel only lonliness

suggest me how wil be my income once i complete my studies..can i go for higher studies or for job??

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